Moon Called

moon called

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Audiobook $16.73
Paperback $11.25
Kindle $7.99
Associated ISBNs 9780441013814
9780441019274 — Hardcover
9781597227520 — Paperback
9781841496832 — Paperback
9780786561438 — E-Book

Readers Annotation

She’s not a werewolf, but she has to deal with their problems.

Rating (VOYA)

4Q, 4P

This is a pretty well written book with no major errors in continuity or character.

Its a paranormal romance-y deal. People love that genre.


Spoilers Ahead!

Mercy Thompson is a mechanic in the Tri-Cities. Her neighbor is Adam, the leader of the pack (aka Alpha). She used to work for a Gremlin, but now owns the shop herself. She’s currently working on Stephan’s (the vampire) van. A kid approaches her and asks her for a job. He’s clearly homeless and clearly a new werewolf, he also clearly doesn’t realize that Mercy is a shifter (she can turn into a coyote). The kid says his name is Mac, and Mercy tells him he can help out. She’s trying to win over his trust, so she doesn’t ask questions or offer him unwanted help. Her undercover cop friend Tony shows up to ask Mercy to help out a lady friend of his.

Mac is confronted by generic bad guys/weres. Mercy intervenes. She accidentally kills one of the weres. The bad guys leave. Mercy and Mac pull the body into the garage and she calls Adam. Adam sends a witch (with a super complicated Russian name) to clean up the mess. When the witch gets there she throws some shade at Mercy. Adam arrives pretty pissed (thinking Mercy’s killed one of his wolves) but his anger soon gets directed at the rogues in his territory. He agrees to take Mac in.

Mercy goes home to her trailer, and meets up with Adam’s daughter Jesse.

Some time later Mac’s body ends up on her doorstep. Mercy rushes over to Adam’s home and finds some dead wolves and Adam fighting another. Mercy shoots the invader. Adam is severely wounded. Mercy turns into a coyote to see if she can follow Jesse’s scent to Jesse, but its no use. Thinking the pack may be involved, Mercy bundles up Adam and Mac’s body in her van and heads up to Bran (the Marrok) in Montana to fix him.

Mercy once lived in the Marrok’s pack (but was never one of them). She tracks down Sam (a former love) and Charles. They set Adam up in a cell and help fix him. Sam snaps at Mercy. Mercy works out some of her issues with Bran and Sam. Sam is sent to go back with Mercy and deal with the problems with Adam’s pack (and sends Charles to Chicago to work out the other part of the story). Adam and Sam do some adorable squabbling over Mercy (who just is done with this shit).

Mercy takes Adam to Warren’s place (and accidentally kicks out his boyfriend, which stirs up that can of bees). Mercy leaves Adam and Sam there and goes to talk to Warren’s boyfriend Kyle (and tells him Warren’s a werewolf because Warren can’t tell him b/c RULES). Mercy comes back to Warren’s house to find him standing off with Sam. Adam breaks them up. Adam is going to stay at Warren’s for the time being.

Mercy gets a call from her Gremlin friend for a meeting with someone who knows about the other wolf pack (that had taken attacked Adam). They meet in a bar. Mercy then gets a call from Stephen about Sam. His nest doesn’t like having a new, unofficial wolf in their territory. So Mercy and Sam meet up with Stephen to travel to the nest (the Gremlin gives her a magicked knife).

At the nest, they meet a touched vampire. Then they meet with the mistress, who is entranced by Sam, who is entranced. She drinks from him. Mercy breaks it all up. They are escorted out. They learn that the vampires were paid handsomely to let the other pack into their territory. They get an address.

Mercy and Sam travel back to Warren’s place and finds the rest of Adam’s pack there. There’s a short standoff. The pack decides to check out the address. Mercy is left behind. The address is abandoned when Mercy gets there. Mercy gets confronted at her trailer by the other pack. They talk it out and agree to help her rescue Jesse (and Adam).

They sneak in to get to Jesse. There’s a fight. Mercy figures out that the witch’s witch son is involved and that she’s partially resistant to magic. They take out the witch and confront Jake about his grand plan.

Mercy hires Tony’s girl’s son, goes on a date with Adam and Sam is crashing with Mercy for a while.


Ok, so I actually started this after we listened to Cry Wolf (the first book in the spin-off series). So, we were curious about Sam and Mercy.

This is a fun little read (or listen). Mercy has a great voice and is a good heroine (not super badass but definitely not a damsel in distress). She’s a sarcastic mechanic who happens to have a lot of connections. Adam is a pretty good character too. He’s not like Mercy (he’s more strict and organized). Sam is… difficult. We get a lot of his past, but I don’t always understand him. We get a taste of Bran and Jesse and all of Mercy’s other supporting characters.

The Tri-cities are as described as a city can be, as well as Mercy’s trailer, Adam’s home and where Bran’s pack lives (the name escapes me). They’re not super detailed, but they don’t really need to be.

Look, its a fun little romp. Its an interesting world and an interesting character. There isn’t much steam but its got the beginnings of a great love triangle.


Urban Fantasy

Paranormal Romance


Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews

Pale Demon by Kim Harrison


Urban Fantasy with a lady mechanic lead.

Book Discussion Questions and Ideas

What do you think about this interpretation of werewolves/paranormal world?

What is your opinion of Mercy’s status in both packs?

Discussion on pack politics.

Author’s website

Patricia Briggs





Why I Chose It

Wanted to know the rest of the world from the other book in the spin-off series we listened to. Plus, ties to native culture! Yay diversity!

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