Guilty Pleasures

Bibliographic Information 

Audiobook $80.73
Paperback $11.02, $6.00
Kindle $7.99
Associated ISBNs 9780441304837
9780515134490 — Paperback
9780515136173 — Paperback
9780515144185 — Paperback
9780425187562 — Hardcover
9780425197547 — Paperback
9781596880078 — Hardcover
9781596880283 — Paperback
9781596880061 — Hardcover
9780755355297 — Paperback
9780786528967 — E-Book

Rating (VOYA)

3Q, 4P

The quality was alright. It wasn’t the best written, the characters weren’t the greatest, but it was sturdy and appealing.

Popularity wise, this was a big one from my Readers Advisory class, and it seems as though it must be popular (considering it spawned like, 27 sequels).

Readers Annotation

Someone’s killing vampires, and it isn’t Anita Blake.


Anita Blake is a necromancer (by any other name). She raises the dead for a living. Her friend is having a bachelorette party at a vampire strip club. But surprise! Its a set-up. The vampires have manipulated Anita into coming to the club to blackmail her into finding the killer targeting vampires. Her friend is now under the power of one of the vampires from the club. Jean Claude (the sexy, French vampire club owner) really wants to be able to mentally manipulate Anita. She reluctantly agrees to look into the killings (not that she has a choice).

A “friend,” a psychopathic former assassin, is looking for the vampire queen. He knows Anita knows something. Anita gets abducted by Jean Claude. She gets thrown into a basement filled with were-rats. She fights them to stay alive. The vamps pull her out eventually. Then she meets the vampire queen, a scary old little girl. She meets their personal necromancer and keeps them from killing him.

She investigates the murders with the help of her cop friend. The psychopath ends up helping. She’s running low on sleep. She figures out who the killer is, there’s a showdown. She confronts the vampire queen and there’s a showdown too.


Of course he’s a foreign vampire with a sexy accent. Of course he’s going to be the love interest. Of course she’s a “badass.” These are all things I found myself thinking at the start of this book. I listened to the audio, which was great. But really, its like all the modern vampire cliches were in this book just to begin. I honestly thought this would be just like One Foot in the Grave, but it wasn’t. In fact, there wasn’t any romance at all, just hints of what will surely come. It wasn’t what I was expecting and I found it refreshing. I mean, we all know she’s going to end up with Jean Claude eventually.

Really, I found the characters… lacking. The plot was interesting. I liked that there was a mystery for the characters to solve, and I think it had just enough twists and turns to keep it interesting, but once you looked past that there were some problems. I didn’t completely connect with Anita. She didn’t really seem to deserve her killer reputation (pun intended). She wasn’t entirely likable, even though I loved her sarcasm. Jean Claude was questionable, and really wasn’t developed so well. He came off less sexy, and more creepy, manipulative asshole.

I think the world that was built was interesting. I wonder about having all this supernatural stuff out in the open, but it seemed mostly believable. I thought the human/supernatural conflicts were relatively believable, if not a little muted given today’s world.

I don’t know, overall. I liked it while I was listening to it, but it wasn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever read. I’m really on the fence about it. I think I’ll try another one and see where it leaves me.


Urban Fantasy


Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey

River Marked by Patricia Briggs


A sexy paranormal romance without the sexy romance.

Book Discussion Questions and Ideas

Do you think Anita deserves the “Executioner” title and associated fear?

What do you think of the world Laurell K Hamilton has built?

What do you think about this interpretation of vampires?

Author’s website

Laurell K Hamilton





Why I Chose It

I chose this book because everyone in my Reader’s Advisory class had raved about this series, so I thought I’d try it out.

Other Information


3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Do you think Anita deserves the “Executioner” title and associated fear?
    No, I don’t. Personally, I don’t like Anita’s character very much, and I find her rude.
    What do you think of the world Laurell K Hamilton has built?
    It’s ok, not great.
    What do you think about this interpretation of vampires?
    Same with her world; they are ok, not too great.


  2. 1. Do you think Anita deserves the “Executioner” title and associated fear? – Yes. Though she’s gone ‘legit’ and mellowed out somewhat, it’s hinted that she did some pretty gorey things and may just do them again when pushed far enough.
    2. What do you think of the world Laurell K Hamilton has built? – I love the world building and all the various views on vampires from drooling admiration to burning hate and the nice big spectrum in between. Plus, all the persisting legal questions, the presence of animators and the inclusion of were-rats were very welcome additions.
    3. What do you think about this interpretation of vampires? – They all come across as creepy, even when they’re trying to be sexy.


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