One Foot in the Grave

Bibliographic Information 

Audiobook $17.59
Paperback $7.19, $5.78
Kindle $4.99
Associated ISBNs 9.780061245091
9780061649165 – e-book

Rating (VOYA)

3Q, 4P

Readers Annotation

Sexy heroine meets sexy ex-boyfriend and teams up to defeat evil undead.


Half-vampire Cat Crawford now leads a secret government SWAT team that takes out evil undead. She has just lead a semi-successful raid that has left one of her own dead. She has also just let the maker of her ex-boyfriend live instead of killing him like her boss wanted.

She has started dating again, but still thinks about her ex, the sexy vampire Bones. Her best friend has just gone through a whirlwind romance and gotten engaged. Between thinking about breaking up with her boyfriend, her job hunting vamps, and her best friends upcoming nuptials, she barely has time to think about the hit taken out on her.

At the rehearsal dinner she runs into Bones, he is one of the groomsmen, and they have a tiff. She’s still extremely attracted to him, and he to her. He says he’s been looking for her since she left him 4 years ago, and that she’s in trouble. She naturally takes him back.

Bones clashes with Tate, Cat’s friend and co-worker (because Tate’s in love with Cat). It’s discovered that the man who took out a hit on Cat is Bones’ maker, so Bones amasses his forces (the vampires and ghouls that he’s made) and sets a plan in motion. This brings Annette (one of Bones’ former client/girlfriend) back into the picture, and she and Cat bitch fight it out.

The conclusion has Bones, and Cat taking on Bones’ maker in what amounts to vampire court.


This was a really fun romp. I may have made the mistake of starting on the 2nd book (oops), but I didn’t think I really needed the first to get into it. This is sarcastic, sexy, and full of action.

The characters are pretty well fleshed out. They all fit into a lot of the old tropes, but they work well with them. Sexy, badass heroine. British, sexy vampire. Anti-vampire mom. Secret government agency. Evil vampires. Stakings. This one at least has a heroine whose reputation is actually deserved, unlike some other series (Anita Blake). The interactions between the characters is really where the action’s at. The relationship between Bones and pretty much every character who is not Cat is worth the price of admission alone.

This is a pretty well written book, considering. There aren’t a lot of gaping flaws and errors. Its a fun ride all the way.

I think this book is just perfect for its audience. Its sexy, its fun, and its got some great action. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea Paranormal Romance-wise, but its a pretty great example.


Urban Fantasy

Paranormal Romance


Darkness Unmasked by Keri Arthur

First Grave On the Right by Darynda Jones


An interesting take on some old classics, blending sarcasm and sex to make an enjoyable ride all the way through.

Book Discussion Questions and Ideas

Is it believable that Cat is so attractive that everyone wants her?

What do you think about this interpretation of vampire?

Let’s talk about Cat’s wardrobe.

Author’s website

Jeaniene Frost






Why I Chose It

It sounded like a ridiculous paranormal romance, and I wanted to try that out.

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