The Fifth Season


Bibliographic Information 

Audiobook  $23.60
Paperback $9.97
Hardback  x
Kindle $9.99
Associated ISBNs 9.78032E+12

Rating (VOYA)

5Q, 4P

This was a really well written and fleshed out book. The very highest quality.

A very interesting and compelling fantasy that could be popular with a more mainstream audience.

Readers Annotation

The world is ending.


There are three distinct characters: Essun, Syenite, and Damaya.

Essun discovers the body of her son, murdered by her husband. She must escape her village and track him down because he has her daughter. She starts to track him as the world is ending and people are scrambling to find safety. Essun picks up a companion in the boy Hoa (a stone eater) and then another in the scientist Tonkee. They discover a hidden orogene colony.

Damaya’s parents have sold her off the the orogene school. She quickly learns that they will kill her if she steps out of line. The other children bully her for her studiousness. She keeps her head down until she must retaliate. She discovers a room full of stone eaters.

Syenite is a four ring orogene. She is assigned a task with Alabaster, with whom she is supposed to conceive a child. Along the journey she discovers that orogenes that cannot be controled are tied to the earth and used to mindlessly control tremors. She unearths an obelisk in a harbor and draws the interest of a Guardian. Alabaster and Syen are transported to an island far away. She becomes a pirate until she draws attention from the Guardians and ends up having to sacrifice her son.


This book is a little dense, but very interesting. I was really intrigued, even if it took a bit to get through it all. It approaches a lot of subjects like: fear, oppression, and racism. Its also very non-European. I thought the plot was very well worked, and that the three concurrent storylines kept the reader in suspense and hid the big twist at the end of the book really well.

I think fans of Fantasy will really enjoy this one. Its a really interesting, well flushed out world with intriguing powers and social injustice. It may be a bit hard to get into, and the glossary is really appreciated. The flaw might just be that it is a really dense book, even though its pretty amazing its a little hard to read.


Apocalyptic fiction, Epic fantasy


Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor

Winterbirth by Brian Ruckley


This is book earned N.K. Jemisin a Hugo, she is the first African Amercian to get one.

Book Discussion Questions and Ideas

Why do you think Jija took Nassun?

Discuss the reasons the orogenes are controlled by the Folcrum.

Author’s website

N.K. Jemisin


Hugo Awards: Best Novel

Library Journal Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

New York Times Notable Books – Fiction and Poetry: 2015




Why I Chose It

Required Read. Sounded like an intriguing Fantasy novel with big concepts overlain.

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