Take a Chance on Me


Bibliographic Information 

Paperback $10.20
Hardback $34.95
Kindle $7.99
Associated ISBNs 9781414378411
9781611737813 — Library binding

Rating (VOYA)

4Q, 4P

This book is a 4Q because while it is very well written, there are times where the religious aspects can seem a little forced.

I found this book to be quite enjoyable, and appealing despite my non-religious self. I think it has some great crossover potential but that it won’t appeal to everyone which is why its a 4P.

Readers Annotation

After a tragic accident, can forgiveness be found? Can God be accepted?


The story of four people who have had trials in their lives and must find a way to forgive and find God.

Ivy Madison just moved to Deep Haven to be the assistant county attorney. She lost her faith in God in her childhood as she bounced around the foster system after her mother lost custody of her at 9. She has wanted to live in Deep Haven for a long time. She buys Darek Christiansan in a charity auction and he is quite rude to her. She sees a different side of him when he’s with his son. The two gradually get closer and Ivy starts to feel part of his family. However, she has a secret: she helped find the defense for Darek’s wife’s killer.

Darek has lived in Deep Haven all his life. He is a widower who lost his wife Felicity 3 years ago to a car accident, cause by his best friend Jensen. He has given up his dream of being a fire fighting hot shot and helps run the family resort. He is devoted to his son. As he and Ivy get closer, his wife’s mother keeps trying to take his son away. He lost his relationship with God when he lost his wife.

Jensen has been repenting ever since the accident. He has served nearly 3000 community service hours in the last three years as part of his sentence. However, he might just come up short and be sent to jail. He believes that God doesn’t forgive, and neither do the townspeople. He longs to be with Claire, Felicity’s best friend.

Claire is struggling with what she wants in life and with her relationship with God. She knows she doesn’t want to leave Deep Haven and she doesn’t know if she can forgive Jensen.

The story culminates with a wildfire threatening the town and the police seasing Darek’s son Tiger.


I really liked this book. It was a really lovely story about forgiveness, finding God and finding love. Yes it was a little cliche plot-wise, but it was well executed. I thought the characters were well rounded, though I personally could not understand how they all ended up accepting God back into their lives. The setting was very vivid, it really captured small town life and politics and the tightrope of working in the public service in a small town. I did have some tears when everything inevitably all worked out because I really wanted things to work out for the characters, they deserved to be happy and move on. Its great for the intended audience. I think they’re really appreciate reading about people struggling with their faith and finding God again. And it had two really nice romances. I think a flaw of the book is how easily the characters accepted God back into their lives, but that might just be personal bias.


Christian Romance


Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble

A New Leaf by Thomas Kinkade


I think the significance of this book is down to the rediscovery of faith.

Book Discussion Questions and Ideas

Was the story believable?

What did you think of Nan and her relationship with Darek?

Discussion of finding God.

Author’s website

Susan May Warren


Christy Awards: Contemporary Series, Sequels, and Novellas



Why I Chose It

This was a book recommended to me by a librarian. I chose it because it sounded like an interesting book with a unique problem to be solved.

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