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Audiobook $12.99
Paperback $11.62
Hardback $28.95
Kindle $8.81
Associated ISBNs 9781402238802
9780373836086 — Paperback
9780373773855 — Paperback
9780099465775 — Paperback
9781402239038 — E-Book

Rating (VOYA)

3Q, 3P

While the quality is prtty good, the editing and language make it hard to read.

This is an older Regency Romance, so its possible that the people who would be interested in it have already read it.

Readers Annotation



Sylvester is ready for marriage. He discusses this with his mother, and then goes to Lady Ingham who tells him about Phoebe. He meets Phoebe’s father on a hunt and is impressed by his hunting. He is invited to stay, but feels forced. He regrets his visit and has developed a dislike of Phoebe.

Phoebe’s stepmother tells her that Sylvester has come to make her an offer of marriage. Phoebe doesn’t want to marry Sylvester, so she runs away with Tom to go live with her grandmother Lady Ingham.

Sylvester leaves for London, only to find Phoebe and Tom had a carriage accident. He is only too happy to take Phoebe to London, even if she is smarter than he thought. He tries to show her up for slighting him.

Phoebe meets Lady Ianthe, Sylvester’s brother’s widow. Lady Ianthe says Sylvester is evil. Phoebe has written a book that parodies him. The novel intrigues London, and everyone wants to know who wrote it. Lady Ianthe finds out that Phoebe is the author, and soon all of London knows as well.Sylvester does not take his portrayal kindly and insults Phoebe in public.

Lady Ianthe takes Phoebe, Tom and her son on her trip to France with her new husband Fotherby. Sylvester catches up to them in France. He takes them back to England. He complains about Phoebe, but realizes he loves her. She learns how much he’s gone through and eventually accepts his proposal of marriage.


This is a really stuffy Regency. I read a different Regency for this project which was much less stuffy. I think its partly because it was written in the ’50s, and partly accuracy(?). It was all so formal, and “sir” and “duke” and so on. I’m not sure I’m totally on board with Phoebe and Sylvester, but they did have a nice build. I have mixed feelings about it all.

The plot got a little out of hand. He snubbed her, she ran away, she wrote a book, the whole France thing… not that it wasn’t written well, but it sort of spiraled out of control.

The characters weren’t bad. They could be a little cliche, but I always enjoy a strong female character and the friendship she had with Tom.

I’m not sure this is a Regency that people would enjoy now. Its a little too stuffy, and little too old fashioned to be in style. People much prefer their regencies to be more like The Plumed Bonnet than this. I think this is much more Historical than Regency.


Historical Romance, Regency Romance


To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn

Love with the Proper Husband by Victoria Alexander


Deeply historical regency romance, heavy on the propriety. Strong female character.

Book Discussion Questions and Ideas

Do you believe Phoebe could have been a writer?

Discuss Phoebe and Sylvester’s relationship? Was the progression believable?

Author’s website

Fan site for Georgette Heyer






Why I Chose It

I wanted a classic Regengy romance, and this looked like a good one.

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