One Shot

Bibliographic Information 

Audiobook $59.99, $23.95
Paperback $7.49
Hardback $15.00
Kindle $9.99
Associated ISBNs 9780385336680
9780440246077 — Paperback
9780345538192 — Paperback
9780375433382 — Hardcover
9780307990792 — Paperback
9780440423010 — Paperback
9781442093362 — Glued Binding
9780345540867 — Paperback
9780553815863 — Paperback
9780440808022 — Paperback

Rating (VOYA)

4Q, 4P

This is a pretty well written book. There aren’t any major plot or character flaws.

This is an intensely popular series which has been made into two movies so far. A lot of people may have read this book which is why its only a 4P.

Readers Annotation

Jack Reacher confronts a man from his past after a deadly shooting.


A man, James Barr, has shot and killed five people. He left all the evidence needed to track him down and build a air tight case. His only request after being captured is to find Jack Reacher and proclaims his innocence.

Jack Reacher comes up from Florida to come to put away Barr because he had done something like this before in the army. The defense recruits him to look over the evidence. It becomes apparent that someone may have set Barr up to be the fall guy.

Reacher starts investigating but is soon set up as the fall guy for the murder of a woman he met at a bar by the Russian mob. He goes on the lamb to solve the case, culminating in an exciting action sequence.


Pretty good man read. Very easy read, fast-paced and appealing. Not a lot of substance, but easy to pick up and put down. It features Child’s titular Jack Reacher, manly former army guy, and a compelling plot.

The plot was pretty intriguing and kept the reader guessing as to what what going on. There were a lot of moving pieces that all came together. The characters weren’t bad, but they weren’t completely fleshed out other than Reacher himself. Barr was a compelling character even if he was a mystery himself.

The setting was pretty good, Child captured the city feel pretty well. The action was the star of this book.

I found myself truly enjoying this book. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but it was quite compelling. It wasn’t emotionally charged, but it was entertaining. I think the intended audience would eat this up. Its just what they want: an action movie in book form. It doesn’t really slow down, but steadily speeds up to the climactic fight.

I don’t really have a flaw for this book. It was well done.


Thriller, Suspense


The Black Echo by Michael Connelly

Nothing Short of Dying by Erik Storey


This was the book that the first Reacher movie was based on.

Book Discussion Questions and Ideas

Discuss Reacher and Barr’s relationship.

Was the action believable?

What did you think of the ending?

Author’s website

Lee Child


Library Journal Best Thriller




Why I Chose It

Thought I’d try a Jack Reacher thriller to get a handle on fiction that would appeal more to male readers.

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