Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married

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Paperback $11.47
Hardback $3.50
Kindle $6.99
Associated ISBNs 9780380976188
9780380796106 — Paperback
9780060090371 — Paperback
9781853716157 — Paperback
9788497594028 — Paperback
9780099489993 — Paperback
9780061193965 — E-Book
9781442095762 — Glued Binding

Rating (VOYA)

3Q, 3P

Its not poorly written, but its not well written either. There’s a fair amount of action happening in the dialogue.

Its a realatable book and theme, with predictable hyjinks.It would probabl appeal to the 20-30 something set.

Readers Annotation

Lucy Sullivan is getting married, but she doesn’t even have a boyfriend.


When Lucy Sullivan and her coworkers go to a psychic reading, the psychic tells her that she’s going to get married. The only problem? Lucy isn’t dating anyone. The psychic tells her that she will need to look for him and that he won’t be where she expects him.

When her coworkers predictions start coming true (a big split = split lip, a lot of money, and meeting the love of their life (despite already being married with children)) Lucy starts to think maybe she will get married.

Lucy struggles with her depression, and her mother. She goes out with her friend Daniel and then meets her flatmates at a party. At that party she meets Gus, who could be the one.

Gus is a broke, unemployed musician. He mooches off of Lucy and plies her with pretty words. Lucy’s friend Dennis tells her he has horrible taste, but she can’t see anything wrong with Gus. But Gus abandons her after a short time of seeing him. Three weeks he shows up drunk and she takes him back. Then he dumps her.

Her mother leaves her alcoholic father, she sort of starts up with Daniel, but it doesn’t work. She moves in with her father (but refuses to acknowledge that he’s an alcoholic) and goes back out with Gus again. This time she realizes he’s no good and that her father is an alcoholic.


Its not a bad book. It has some relatable moments, and Lucy’s blindness in regards to Gus and her dad being bad for her is certainly interesting. But of course Daniel’s always loved her, and she finally realizes that at the end and they live happily ever after. Lucy’s roommate Karen was pretty unbelievable at the end, but that might just be me.

There wasn’t much plot to this one, more a slice of life deal. The characters were what was detailed. All the people in the book were pretty three dimensional.

I didn’t connect emotionally with this one. It had an interesting premise and some interesting moments, but it was a little predictable and I really wanted to hit Lucy for ever thinking of dating Gus (and constantly going back to him).

I think its pretty relatable to some sects of people, and pretty interesting in some ways. I think this book has an audience, and that Chick Lit readers will probably enjoy it.


Chick Lit, Romantic Comedy


Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot


20 something struggling through life, depression and an alcoholic father. Unique because she doesn’t recognise his alcoholism.

Book Discussion Questions and Ideas

What did you think of Lucy’s relationship with Gus?

Was Lucy’s relationship with Karen and Charlotte a good friendship?

Was the romance predictable?

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Marian Keyes





Book reviews

Why I Chose It

I chose this one because it sounded like a fun romp with an interesting premise, and it was a Chick Lit book.

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