Danger in the Shadows


Bibliographic Information 

Audiobook $238.91
Paperback $9.09
Hardback $4.30
Kindle $8.50
Associated ISBNs 9781576735770
9781576739273 — Paperback
9781414310558 — Paperback
9780786263127 — Hardcover
9781594150333 — Paperback
9781448796670 — Prebind
9781590522479 — Paperback

Rating (VOYA)

2Q, 3P

Ok, this isn’t a really great plot. The idea is solid, but the way it was done wasn’t good. The characters were ok, but used God as a justification way too much.

Its a realtively harmless Christian Romance Thriller and might go over well with some people.

Readers Annotation

She’s hiding, but God and a good man can save her.


Sarah was abducted as a child along with her twin sister. They are daughters of an ambassador. Her sister died in the basement they were held in. The man who abducted her has been looking for her ever since and sends her father momentos, keeping her in fear and protective custody.

Now Sarah hides her identity and works in a high rise in Chicago. Late one night she takes the elevator in a storm and becomes trapped with the power goes out with former NFL player Adam Black. She has panic attack and has flashbacks in the dark enclosed space. Adam is concerned for her. After they’re freed, they have coffee together across the street. Sarah leaves, and Adam is intrigued by her.

Adam leaves notes and presents on her car, and when she keeps saying ‘no,’ sends his assistant to find her name and where she works, so the man follows her. Sarah presses a panic button and the FBI take him in for questioning. Adam gets dragged in, and learns the situation. He is undaunted, he needs to know Sarah. She invites him to dinner to explain and make a clean break.

The two connect, and Adam lets her have space while he makes friends with her brother in order to see her again. Two weeks later they reconnect. After a few dates, the two go to one of Adam’s nephew’s baseball games and a local student journalist takes a picture of the two. Then Sarah’s stalker sends her father a momento. Sarah and Adam are put in protective custody.

After a month apart, they meet up again at her safe house. Sarah decides enough is enough and decides to track down her stalker. Both her brother and Adam disapprove. They move Sarah back to her childhood home, and the stalker breaks in. They finally break the case open and arrest the man. He breaks out of custody and comes after Sarah. Sarah’s brother takes him out.

Sarah and Adam get married in the little epilogue.


I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. I like the idea of it. And I think it could have been a really great book, however the author made some really bad choices. She had Adam pretty much stalk Sarah even though she has a stalker she’s deadly afraid of, and there weren’t any negative feelings for Adam from Sarah because of this. She should have been terrified of him. Sarah said ‘no,’ to him very clearly at least three times, and he did not take that as an answer, even going so far as to forge a relationship with her brother in order to worm his way into her life (and her brother was ok with this! He’s an FBI agent, he should have been all “no”). Also, Sarah doesn’t want to have children because of what happened to her. Adam wants a family. He was willing to give up that dream in order to be with her when he thought that she couldn’t have children, but when he learns that she can, but won’t he thinks that he can convince her that she really does want to have children and plans to manipulate her to do what he wants. Their entire romance is unbelievable. Adam constantly uses God as an excuse for what he does “God how can I get her to see? God how can I get her to do this?”

All that being said, if you can ignore the general creepy/manipulative vibe of Adam, its not a bad story. Its pretty compelling, and you want Sarah to be able to move on with her life and heal. I really felt for Sarah, and I liked her brother as well.

The settings were pretty forgetable. They weren’t really important to the story other than the childhood estate and the basement where Sarah was held.

I think it might work for the audience. It really depends on how they interpret Adam’s character.


Christian Fiction, Christian romantic suspense


Private Justice by Terri Blackstock

Ring of Secrets by Roseanna M. White


Its a suspense book, but a Christian suspense book. It won a RITA.

Book Discussion Questions and Ideas

What do you think about Adam’s actions concerning Sarah?

Did you find Sarah’s situation believeable?

Discuss how belief worked in the story.

Author’s website

Dee Henderson


RITA Award for Inspirational Romance



Amazon (LJ)

Why I Chose It

I chose this because it is a Christian Fiction book. It also had an intriguing blurb on the back that drew my attention. It sounded like a good idea at the time.

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