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Audiobook $96.00
Paperback $7.99
Hardback $16.00
Kindle $5.99
Associated ISBNs 9780671569037
9780671021436 — Paperback
9781574901399 — Hardcover

Rating (VOYA)

4Q, 3P

This is a really well written and well thought out novel. The plot and characters are pretty believable and the world Castle built is pretty fleshed out.

It is a Paranormal Romance, which won’t appeal to everyone, even romance readers.

Readers Annotation



Amaryllis is a high powered prism in New Seattle. She is hired by tychoon Lucas to help him discover if an employee being manipulated psychically. They are instantly attracted to one another. After the job is complete, Lucas comes up to Amaryllis’ apartment and the two connect.

Amaryllis becomes intrigued by the mystery of her former mentor’s death, and Lucas. She goes to her mentor’s former office and talks to the secretary. She gets a mysterious phone call that tells her to go to an exotic club and talk to a dancer there. She goes with Lucas and discovers his psychic talent is much greater than he lets on. They sleep together.

Amaryllis and Lucas see each other despite the fact that they’re both filling out match making applications (people get matched to get married, its not socially accepted to match yourslf). Amaryllis and Lucas break into the University at night and he hires a private investigator for her.

They solve the mystery of who killed Amaryllis’ mentor and decide to get married. It turns out that the match making company had matched them anyway.


This reminds me a lot of a fanfiction trope, I wonder if the trope originated from here… This is a really trope filled romance, but its still really good. Virgin girl, rich experienced man. Instant attraction. Little mystery. Psychic powers. The power of LOVE. Despite all that, its actually a really well written story with an intriguing world and characters.

I think the plot was pretty good. I always find insta-attraction unbelievable, but most people wouldn’t. The little mystery was nice and the way that the two characters came together is pretty believable.

The two main characters (Amaryllis and Lucas) are very well fleshed out, though the side characters can suffer a bit from one dimension traits. The setting was pretty compelling though there were some questions. The action was pretty convincing. The only problem I had with the characters was that Amaryllis was almost unbelievably naiive.

I really enjoyed this one, and got pretty invested in the story. I think anyone who like Paranormal Romance will like this one. Its a pretty good book.


Futuristic Romance


A Spy to Die For by Kris DeLake

Dark Taste of Rapture by Gena Showalter


A really well written Paranormal Romance is hard to find, and this is one of them. Really compelling plot and characters.

Book Discussion Questions and Ideas

What do you think about the conventions of Talents/Prisms?

Was the romance believable? Or the fact that they did end up matched?

Discuss the pros and cons of arranged marriage in the context of the story.

Author’s website

Janye Ann Krentz




Amazon editorial reviews


Why I Chose It

Another Required Read. It did have a bit of genre appeal, with an interesting premise.

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