Welcome to Sarah’s book blog! This blog will cover most of the books I read. Each book will get one blog post detailing the: cover, bibliographic info, rating, reader’s annotation, summary, evaluation, genre/subgenre, significance, readalikes, book discussion questions and ideas, link to author’s website, awards, links to reviews, why chosen, and any other information.

Modified VOYA

This is a summary of my modified VOYA scale for rating books.


5Q – It couldn’t have been better written, there are no complaints

4Q – Pretty darn good, sometimes there are mistakes

3Q – Meh. Pretty average. No big problems.

2Q – This really needed to be edited or worked with, but not horrible

1Q- How did this get published?


5P – Everyone and their mom wants to read this book!

4P – This is super appealing, but not everyone in the world wants to read it

3P – Can go either way, could be appealing to more if sold right

2P – Special interest book

1P- No one wants to read this